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Day 3 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Balance

Day 3 in my #31dayphotochallenge I have a picture that I took of over near the old dock that's being restored by #nathanhalepark on the edge of #easthaven and #newhaven. In this picture I want to talk about the balance between the crane on the right and the sun off to left. They balance each other out and make for a more pleasing picture. Sure it would have been cool to just have the crane to the right and nothing to the left but it would have felt empty. I'm sure you already guessed it by now that the other topic that I wanted to touch on is balance in life.

When work is balanced with play or family is balanced with friends, things tend to run more smoothly than if it was all work and no play which would make Johnny not too happy. When you have a balanced life, happiness comes more naturally. You are left more fulfilled when the weight in your life is more evenly distributed. It's been proven that stress unmanaged leads to all sorts of illnesses physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I find balance from my work life by volunteering at my church, date nights with my beloved wife, and watching a really good movie at the movies (or even on Netflix all snuggled at home with my main squeeze). Whatever your work and play balance is remember to keep it consistent to keep life’s stresses at bay. There’s nothing worse than going through life like a candle being burnt at both ends. Find some you time at all costs to keep you a happy you :)

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