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How to Stay Competitive in a Saturated Market

The answer to this question is simple but not easily achived; leverage your time wisely to succeed and be creative at it. In my line of work, I have to be creative to keep the lights on. For the most part I try to eat, sleep, and breathe creativity but that's not always the case. Just like anything in life that you are in pursuit of that isn’t easily gained (a wife or husband, a new home, wealth), you have to work hard at it and pursue it as if your life depended on it. To help put it into perspective; imagine you’re a cheetah and your seeking out your next kill. When in the distance you see a herd of antelope. You spot your victim. You get as close as you can and then you start booking it at top speed. Now, imagine what might be going on in your head. Would it be what’s on tv tonight? Or would it be how you have to do the laundry when you get home. I doubt it. Most likely it would be all about that pursuit with that antelope. How to stay on top of it. How to gain speed and overtake it. Then finally, making the kill.

You see, in business there are winners and then there are billionaires. I always thought to myself what truly separated me from those that are so rich that they could afford to buy 5 vacation homes and still have enough to go on vacation every other week. They have the same 24hrs that everybody else does. They breathe the same air that we do (maybe a little cleaner depending on where they're vacationing). One of the things I found that does seperate us from them is they truly know the value of time. Knowing this, they learned to discipline themselves enough to leverage it creatively so that it brings them a nice profit. Like cheetahs, the extremely wealthy know time management. They know when to make the kill (hit that money tree) and when to just research for the next big score. So to bring it all together, you need to know the business that you’re in so ridiculously well so that when you see that next prospective client you already know what questions they are going to ask before they even think of asking them. Just like the cheetah knows it’s prey and it anticipates it’s movements, take the time to fine tune your craft. By doing this you’ll not only stay competitive in any market but you’ll learn how to dominate anything you set your mind to. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you got something out of this. Be sure to comment and share below. Until next time; stay classy inter webs.

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