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UN-boxing of the Turbo Ace 6 Pro

After much anticipation (and research), the moment has arrived. The Turbo Ace 6 Pro is here! All in all the build quality was good. Ease of use was on point. At first I didn't know that you were able to manually move the gimbel into the direction that you want and it would essentially stick there. A cool feature at times but it could trip up some cinematographers down the line.

A couple things I did want to point out that I didn't in the video; the stand was tightened in the shop with allen keys. That's why I wasn't able to open them by hand the first time. So be aware of that.

It comes with 1 battery. I ordered the Deluxe Package which I assumed came with 1 already then a free one. I called to make sure. The lady on the other end clarified it with me. I ended up ordering an extra one because one does not rely on only one battery when working on all day shoots.

Be mindful of the HDMI connection that you need. In the video I said that they gave me the wrong cable. They gave me what I ordered. I have a Canon 5D Mark 3 which needs a HDMI Mini to Full HDMI... I ordered the micro not realizing it till afterwards.

Here's the link to the test-shots video. Be sure to like and comment below.

Thank you!

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