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#31dayphotochallenge for the 31 Days of December ... Day 1

As the festivities of Christmas are in the air I release the first picture of my #31dayphotochallenge for the 31 days of December. They will all be taken with my cellphone, a #GooglePixel. With the pictures I'll add in some words of wisdom as well as some photography tips that pertain to the photo.

Now, that being said this is a picture I took in Ridgefield, Connecticut while I was waiting to interview a couple for a commercial shoot I was on. Photography to me is the ability to capture a moment to cherish for a lifetime. In this picture I captured this moment where there we're Christmas carolings and the aroma of shops entertaining guests with hot apple cider and fresh baked cookies that quite frankly filled the air for blocks.

Christmas Lights

When you take a picture, the moment you capture doesn't stop with your eyes; you tend to remember with all of your senses but the most memorable is scent. So in other words when you take your next picture remember to smell the roses (or in this case the hot apple cider and fresh baked cookies) because every moment is precious and the freedom to capture it while you can is priceless.

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