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Day 2 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Perspective

So it's Day 2 in my #31dayphotochallenge for the 31 days of December and I went with another Christmas theme here but with a different twist. About the picture first; I took this picture over at the East Haven Green Historic District today. With my #GooglePixel in hand, I had to somewhat lay down to get the perspective just right with the leading lines of the white fence to match the edges of the tree that point to the star on top and the moon further illuminating it from behind. In the same way I had to uncomfortably crouch down to get this great perspective of the #Christmastree, sometimes we need to position ourselves in a way that gets us out of our comfort zone.

For instance, I started to do a new workout regiment to not only get ahead of all the holiday festivities & meals but to get a jump start on my health before the new year. I haven't been too much into exercising but some recent events had me take another try at it. Sure, it's tough and it even hurts from time to time. But as every coach you hear in the movies or in real life say, "No pain no gain"... the same is true to changing your perspective. When you change your perspective to achieve any given goal you set your heart on, it becomes even that more attainable vs out of your reach. Maybe your goal is a lot more formidable like starting a whole new business or maybe adopting a child. No matter what you seek to achieve, if your perspective is pure and you’re persistent in completing that goal ... you can concur anything you set your heart on! Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Comment down below if you want to discuss further! PS: I know I could have talked about the real reason for the season with the Christmas tree being involved and all but that would be for a whole other discussion ;)

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