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Day 5 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Mood

In day 5 I decided to go non-specific to photography but still within the art realm as far as art is concerned. I took this picture with my #GooglePixel and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC for mobile devices. Check it out here if you want a great editing software on the go:

I titled this post "Mood" because the picture of the berries laid next to the leaves with some wheat looking plants as a backdrop didn't keep to only a single photography method but made me feel very much like home and brought me into a good mood. It's almost like the holidays were really in full swing in this shot. I staged this picture at a park near my home that had those elements within in reach and I really like how it came out.

Red berries with green leaves

Your mood about a situation can either elevate you so ecstatic highs or depressive lows. Now, I understand that there are particular disorders that deal with chemical imbalances that one may need medication for but for those with a disorder this can still apply to you. Shifting your mood about a situation is similar to the mindset of perspective but from an emotional point of view. How you feel about a situation can often times dictate how you will react to it but when you shift your emotions to feel positive about something that is usually a negative reaction ... now that's real self-motivation. Now, I'm not saying that if there's a death in the family or someone close to you is ill, you need to dance for joy. I'm just saying (after a period of grieving) to shift your mood about it and think on the positive side. Like focusing on what you do have rather than on what you don't, instead of feeling sorrowful about your current situation be positive about it and think about how you can get out of it. Once you get a good grip on your emotions by shifting your mood to fit your desired outcome there's no end to where that can take you!

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