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Day 7 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Nature

In day 7 I took a picture of this beautiful sunset with my #GooglePixel as usual and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC for mobile devices. Check it out here if you want a great editing software on the go:

Nature is the name of this blog post because next to light (refer to day 6 if you haven't read it already), nature is my next favorite subject in photography or just in general.

As you can see in this sunset at a dock in Stamford CT, the colors and light rays are just brilliantly beaming across the horizon. Some have said that God hand crafts every sunset to remind us of Him and to keep us in awe of His creation (or nature) all around us. Others say that all the orange in the sunset has more to do with the pollution in the air than with the artistry of an invisible painter god. I prefer to believe the more poetic version if you ask me. That being said if you want to start somewhere in photography, nature is a great place to start. The grass, trees and sunsets have yet to be copyrighted and it isn't illegal to share photo's of them without their consent (that I'm aware of at least).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this picture/post ... now, sit back, grab a nice warm coco (or cold iced tea) and enjoy the sunset for a bit.

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