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Day 15 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Macro

In day 15 of my #31dayphotochallenge I took this macro picture of some snowflakes in front of my house with my handy dandy #GooglePixel as usual and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC for mobile devices. Check it out here if you want a great editing software on the go: Yes, I know it's another snow picture. But is it?

It's said that every single snowflake is unique and no two snowflakes are ever the same. If you look deep into the intricacies of nature you will find the fingerprint of it's Creator and marvelous designs that are repeated in different forms of life. When something is designed they are created that way for a a reason, a purpose if you will. Glasses for instance were created for those that are visually impaired so they can see better or (a more relevant example) even cameras were created to take great pictures. Imagine if you will seeing someone trying to hammer in a nail with a brand new $43,000 camera! I for one would run to save that helpless machine from complete destruction and maybe try to make sense of the hammer-time guys reasoning.

Well, we hu-mans do that kind of non-sense all the time while our Heavenly Creator watches in (quite possibly) complete bewilderment as too why we would do harm to others or ourselves when that wasn't even close to what your created purpose was. I believe that we were all meant for greatness but we choose less than great because of the fear of success, fear of failure, or any of a number or reasons/excesses in-between. So during all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, I just wanted leave you with this small word ... There is a beautiful purpose for your existence. You may need to take a "macro" look inside yourself to figure it all out but once you do you'll see that you are of great worth and you should never settle for less.

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