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Day 16 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Abstract

In day 16 of my #31dayphotochallenge I took this abstract picture of some Christmas tree lights with my #GooglePixel as usual and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC for mobile devices. Check it out here if you want a great editing software on the go: I enjoyed working with this abstract picture. It paints a very colorful portrait of the lights in a way that they aren't normally seen.

Abstract photography like this one can be seen as a messy mix of colors, shapes, and curves. But to others ... It's a masterpiece. Like I said before beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I for one like it. Abstract art in general teaches us to think, see, and feel differently than what is either the social or physically norm. So I challenge you today to go out there and make some art. Even it's messy and provocative, make it creative and some fun doing it!

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