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Day 20 in my #31dayphotochallenge | Sunsets

In day 20 of my #31dayphotochallenge I took this picture of a sunset with my #GooglePixel as usual and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC for mobile devices. Check it out here if you want a great editing software on the go: Sunsets and sunrises for me are quite the sight for me ... Especially over the horizon of the ocean like in this picture. 

The colors in every sunset (as well as sunrise) are always brilliant and never exactly the same, like a snowflake. They come in to introduce you to the new day and give you a nice warm glow when the day is done. I really prefer the sunset for pictures specifically because of that spot right before the susets called "golden hour". That light is the most unique throughout the whole day and only lasts for a couple mins but the pictures that are taken at that time frame are always spectacular. 

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